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Breaking Down Organisational Silos

Design research is centered upon the creation of resonant, engaging insights, but even the most successful projects have to tackle an all-too-familiar problem: how to implement the opportunities they’ve inspired within seemingly rigid organisational structures? This is the issue that was tackled by Dan Szuc (Apogee, China), who looked at how design research can help break down the organisational ‘silos’ that can develop over time and isolate internal teams.

In the this article, he gives an in-depth account of how collaborative workshops – when effectively designed and facilitated – can play a key role in this process. It’s a practical guide borne out of real-world experience, and addresses some of the most common issues design researchers can face during the crucial – but often painstaking – implementation phase, and is a great introduction to some of the wider themes that will be examined at GOOD’11.

Dan’s lectured about usability, user-centered design and user experience in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, the US, New Zealand and Japan. He also co-wrote ‘The Usability Kit’ – an implementation guide providing best practices and guidelines for usability teams – and holds a BS in Information Management from Melbourne University in Australia.