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Social Innovation Programme

For international non-governmental organisations seeking to proactively manage and drive innovation.


Sustainable change requires time and consistent guidance. For this purpose the Reach School delivers a blended learning model that combines thinking and doing.

A survey by BOND among 62 international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) to gauge their innovation capacity found that most are in the early stages of their innovation journey, and that there is still significant room for consolidation and improvement in how innovation is supported. The research also concluded that just 14% of survey respondents reported having received formal innovation training, suggesting that INGOs are not proactively seeking to manage and drive innovation. (Read the full report here.)

In response to this urgent need, Reach has put together a training package specifically meeting the innovation needs of INGOs. The training program takes the People-Process-Practice framework developed by Reach as a starting point.

The Reach School delivers a blended learning model that consists of 3 simple steps:

  • Launch Pad
    Participants will be introduced to basic processes — design tools, methods and templates.
  • Lift Off
    With a command of the basics, participants will benefit from direct training from local partners, as well as remote mentorship from global partners.
  • In Orbit
    At the end of the programme, the Reach team will evaluate the knowledge and confidence gained and define a practical vision for innovation within in their respective organisations.