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STBY (Standby) is specialized in consumer research during the early stages of innovative service design projects, when designers, engineers and marketeers need to discover what matters to the people they are developing new products and services for.

STBY offers a wide range of research activities that contribute to this multi-disciplinary, exploratory process of consumer centered-innovation. Some examples of these services: qualitative consumer research, ethnographic studies, Lead User research, Open Innovation workshops, youth studies.

STBY is based in London and Amsterdam, and was founded in 2002 by Geke van Dijk and Bas Raijmakers. Previous to their involvement in STBY, Geke and Bas both worked as managers and user experience consultants in the internet industry. They founded and successfully developed the first usability company in The Netherlands, ACS-i media research & projects (1993-2000), which was acquired by Lost Boys.

In 2007 they both completed a Phd research in London. Bas in Design Interactions (RCA) and Geke in Human-Computer Interactions (OU). Their work for STBY greatly benefits from this research.

Some of the clients they have worked for: Reed Elsevier, Philips Design, BBC, HP Labs, Intel, France Telecom, KLM and ING Bank.

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