We have hosted 3 international conferences in 2011, 2013 and 2019, the Great Outdoors Of Design (a.k.a GOOD). We use these events to allow the time and space for network partners to reflect upon and present their work and experiences to a wide range of audiences interested in design research and innovation. 

Aside from Reach-initiated conferences, we also pursue opportunities to organise or collaborate on international events with many of our partners.



GOOD19 was the latest international conference organised by the Reach Network. In June 2019 design researchers from more than 20 different countries convened to jointly discuss the state of the art in their work.


MozFest, 2017

Quicksand and STBY partnered up for a contribution to the Mozilla Festival in London, 2017. MozFest is an annual celebration by technologists, educators, and makers who are involved in the open Internet movement.


X Summit, 2017

STBY and Apogee spoke at the Summit in Shanghai on ‘co-creating possible futures’ and how global companies could respond to the cultural differences in the world.


UX Hong Kong, 2016

In a special event ahead of the conference UXHK 2016, Reach speakers represented by Apogee, Fuelfor, IDSL and STBY shared their local and global design research thinking and best practices from across the globe.


UnBox, 2015

Quicksand and fellow REACH Network partners Apogee and STBY led a hands-on exploratory workshop on the theory and practice of design research and thinking under the UnBox umbrella, in Bangalore.



GOOD’13 was the second edition of an international conference initiated and hosted by the Reach network. The event coincided with the Dutch Design Festival in Eindhoven (NL) and brought together an international audience of professionals in the field of design research.



This first edition of the Great Outdoors of Design (a.k.a. GOOD) offered a behind the scenes look at a range of cross-cultural research projects that embody design principles. For the joint day-long event all Reach partners came to London, and provided expert local insights on a range of global issues.