Fit Associates

— Pittsburgh

Founded in 2005, Fit Associates combines deep capability in ethnographic research, comfort with systemic challenges, a history in product and interaction design, and a determination to do what it takes to establish the conditions for community, organizational, and systemic change.

Fit emphasizes facilitated group methods and a participatory creative process, to open boundaries across the organization, deepen conversation and creative focus, and connect teams to life outside their usual routine. Fit’s history includes many long-term relationships that span multiple projects and far-reaching goals, with a client list that includes Philips Home Healthcare Solutions, Nissan, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Comcast, SAP, Microsoft, and Seagate, as well as a number of startup firms.

Fit’s principals, Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis, combine a remarkable mix of experience in industry, consulting, academia, and the arts. Both Marc and Hannah are founding faculty members of the MFA in Design for Social Innovation at the School for Visual Art in New York, and Distinguished Adjunct Professors of Practice in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. Fit hosts the annual “Frontier Retreat” ( for people moving into a “frontier” of their life and work. Also, Marc and Hannah are developing a new curriculum for “Emergent Change,” which will launch in 2018.

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