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Co-developing a toolkit for Social Impact

How to facilitate a cross-culture collaboration, with participants from around the world? This was the question addressed by STBY’s Geke (UK/NL) and Quicksand’s Ayush (India), who currently are working together on project for International Development and Social Impact for the ‘Global South’.

Commissioned by Nesta and the Rockefeller Foundation, STBY & Quicksand took a co-design & co-develop approach to bring together the most effective solutions and tools in an inspiring and accessible way with the aim to support practitioners in developing, implementing and scaling their ideas.

Having worked together on several occasions, the two partners had a comfortable synergy as they gave their talk together. But how to develop a toolkit for social innovation for an audience that does not tend to identify themselves with words like design thinking, innovation? Geke & Ayush’s talk gave an insight to some of the deeper issues and  challenges that they perceived, as well as looked into some of the ways in which they worked through those challenges.