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Transitioning to a new framework

Transitioning to something new is hard work because you don’t always know what you are transitioning to. Sometimes, it could be that the skills are not always in place to make the new a reality. However, in most cases, its just that the pathway to ‘new’ is fraught with previously unthought of challenges. The danger here could be that you keep trying the same old trusty ways to solve these challenges and end up going more in circles than towards a new pathway.

Dan and Jo’s heartfelt talk urged organisations to have deeper conversations and open up silos to look beyond domains and learn from across disciplines, cultures and values. This requires people, planning, emotions, time and a laser focus on longer-term good.

Apogee shared their practice framework elements and the influences towards where they considered where both people and communities need to transition to in order to encourage a new world and move from the legacy and rot of industrial age thinking.

Unfortunately, due to technical glitches, Dan & Jo’s talk did not get recorded. However, do read more about what they spoke on their blog here:

transitioning to a new practice framework & holistic thinking – Daniel Szuc & Josephine Wong (Apogee, Hong Kong) v1