Big Human

— Toronto

We help clients rejuvenate. Whether in their products, their services, their ways of working… we work with organizations to rediscover the joy in their sense of purpose.

Over time, any organization can lose focus. Changes in economics, technologies, or political discourse can leave a vacuum between the organization and the customer.  If internal ideas have not kept pace with the ways people live now, clients ask for our help to explain and reconcile the differences. In response, we provide research, tools, and training -drawn from the fields of anthropology and sociology- to encourage organizations into acts of collective discovery.

To that end, how we embed with a team is as vital as the ideas we develop together. We use tools like our Big Human Anthrokits™ to enable workers from every discipline to make the most of their first encounter with design, because nothing sparks change in your culture and practice like your entire team rowing the same direction.

Your whole team, wholly invested. That’s the big idea of Big Human.