The Care Lab

— Barcelona

The Care Lab is a collaborative platform of activists willing to start a movement to transform Care, driving change through human-centred design practices in the health, social and education sectors.

Care is as an equitable, pro-active and compassionate experience that is accessible for all, and that forms an integral part of our everyday life, from birth to death. Care is systemic, from policy to the personal. Above all, it is a quality of experience, no matter where we may be in our life and in our health.

The Care Lab facilitates change by delivering: new Knowledge & Processes, Innovation Tools for Organisations, Promotion of causes around care, Pilots of new solutions and Incubation of innovative products & services.

An open space that supports creative collaboration between diverse disciplines. A place to experiment with and define new models and qualities of Care. Where the value and impact of Care can be demonstrated and measured.

The Care Lab was co-founded by Lekshmy Parameswaran & László Herczeg after two decades as designers and “comfortable outsiders” in the Care industry. They found that the most meaningful opportunities for social change exist on the fringes of institutions and organisations, between where services are delivered and where real, lived experience happens.

In 2008, they co-founded fuelfor, a specialist design consultancy working with a wide variety of international players within the health and care sector.

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