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GOOD Afternoon: Changing perspectives on innovation and transition

In recent years, the call to innovate has been sounding around the globe as the antidote to slowing down economies and societies facing fundamental problems. ‘Innovation’ has become omnipresent and needs to regain focus if it wants to make real change happen. What innovation can global design research bring about? What local and individual innovations are created through design research, from Denmark to the USA? And how can large organisations and public sector institutions innovate themselves on a systemic level, from China to Germany? By connecting these levels, global design research supports a transition process that is human-centred and evolving towards positive and sustainable changes around the world.

Social and environmental responsibilities are now added to economic goals and have started to influence new products and services. What does it mean for companies to move forward towards being a more human and sustainable business? How do governments learn to collaborate with citizens in delivering services?

What transitions do these organisations go through as a result? Their relationships with customers, citizens, patients, etc. are changing. GOOD Afternoon investigates how design researchers can partner with organisations around the world to create deep insights and then leverage these into meaningful transitions.

Senior consultants and managers within client organisations who source local or global design research as part of their daily work had the opportunity to debate their experiences of going through systemic transitions with other experienced people in similar positions. Aware of the latest issues, and keen to get a better grasp on the pros and cons, participants gained new strategic insights on the crossroads of design research and organisational change.

GOOD Afternoon took place from 14:00 to 18:00 and ran as an interactive in-depth workshop. The partners from the Reach Network worked with the participants in small groups to investigate issues around innovation and transition.

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