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Moving beyond the technical to embrace the emotional

IDSL (Fr) came to GOOD’11 to talk about collaboration. Their argument is that there is one vital ingredient without which designers can never truly reach the people their designing for – empathy. It’s via resonant, intimate, and emotional insights that designers can really connect with people’s lives – but even when these are available, designers still need the right tools in order to use them effectively.

IDSL’s presentation took an in-depth look at the different methods available for taking designers into the world they’re designing for. These tools are all designed to help those participating in a project or workshop move beyond technicalities; thinking in terms of emotion, rather than technology, is often the most effective way to create an empathic link with the world outside.

The tools they showcased revolve around a key notion; creating a space that’s playful and open enough to inspire real creativity, whilst remaining structured and focus enough to generate coherent, focused results.