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The power of one vs the power of many: Energy Awareness models across the globe

GOOD’11 provided several real-world accounts of what it actually means for research projects to take on a ‘global’ focus. One area in which such projects have flourished in recent years has been Energy Awareness, and this was the topic addressed by Indri Tulusan and Fumiko Ichikawa of Spur.

Their presentation will answered two key questions:

Why is learning about others important when local problems present large enough challenges on their own?


Why conduct in-depth research providing detailed accounts of a single person, when the overarching problem facing them is so huge?

Indri and Fumiko will be addressed these questions via a series of real-world case studies drawn from their many years of experience working in this area. The projects they presented went into detail about how energy awareness projects can maintain an effective global focus without losing the rich detail of resonant local insights. They looked at how projects concerning solar power and ownership models can benefit from community involvement at both global and local levels, and applied these principles to a number of real-world challenges, such as the current power plant situation in Japan.