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GOOD’11 Programme

9.30am: Registration Opens

10.00am: Presentations – How can Research and Design be brought closer together?

  • Breaking down organisational silos | Apogee
  • Moving beyond the technical to embrace the emotional | IDSL
  • Community involvement in sustainable energy use |
  • Design & Research: A love story | fuelfor

11.30am: Tea-break

12.00pm: Presentations – How do you combine global and local insights and opportunities?

  • How can local insights affect strategic shifts in global organisations? | Feel the Future
  • Designing for Good: Thinking big by starting local | minds & makers
  • Power of one/many: Energy awareness and ownership models across the globe | Spur
  • Defining the global by uncovering the local: Developing holistic insights from connected local studies | STBY

1:30pm: Lunch

2.30pm: Break-out Session – Group Discussions Around 4 Themes:

  • How can organisations implement and incorporate design research findings into their internal structures? | Feel the Future & Apogee
  • How do design research tools develop to keep in-touch with a changing world? | fuelfor & IDSL
  • How can design research both catalyse and contribute to societal change? | & minds & makers
  • How can global perspectives encapsulate an increasingly complex world? | Spur & STBY

4.00pm: Closing Discussion

5.00pm: End (reception and drinks)