We are a global, jet-setting bunch and host, attend and present at a number of events around the globe. If you’d like to see what we are up to, and even plan a meet-up, have a look at our events and appearances below. Feel free to get in touch if we happen to cross paths!


16.5.16 Quicksand, Workshop on Speculative Futures, Government and Policy Strategy Conference, Insitute of Design, IIT Chicago, Link to event
28.5.16 Quicksand, Boatcamp 2016: A Social Entrepreneurship Workshop at Sea, Rome, Link to event
20.9.16 STBY, Service Design Fringe Festival, 'How to research on the move', London, Link to event
26.10.16 STBY, Service Design Global Conference 2016, Amsterdam, Link to event
13.12.16 STBY, WDCD, 'Violence Against Women: Deconstruct Cultural Behaviours', São Paulo, Link to event