We are a global, jet-setting bunch and host, attend and present at a number of events around the globe. If you’d like to see what we are up to, and even plan a meet-up, have a look at our events and appearances below. Feel free to get in touch if we happen to cross paths!


8.8.20 STBY, Quicksand, A Design Research Deep Dive, Online, Link to event
27.8.20 STBY, delaO design studio, Antropologerne and Quicksand, From ‘Human Centred Design’ to ‘Life Centred Design’, Online, Link to event
3.9.20 STBY, The Care Lab, Minds&Makers and Make Meaningful Work, A Caring and Meaningful Culture at Work, Online, Link to event
10.9.20 STBY, delaO design studio, Matchboxology and Big Human, Human Centred Design to Build and Learn from Resilient Communities, Online, Link to event
8.10.20 Apogee, Make Meaningful Work online seminars, Online, Link to event
8.12.20 Fit Associates, Adaptive Space: Open House, Online, Link to event