We are a global, jet-setting bunch and host, attend and present at a number of events around the globe. If you’d like to see what we are up to, and even plan a meet-up, have a look at our events and appearances below. Feel free to get in touch if we happen to cross paths!


8.1.17 Quicksand, Under 25 Summit Panel Discussion, Bangalore, Link to event
25.2.17 Fuelfor, Lekshmy Parameswaran, TEDx IESE Barcelona, ‘Who Cares? Redesigning Caregiving’, Link to event
23.5.17 STBY, What Design Can Do, Climate Action Challenge Design Jam, Amsterdam, Link to event
4.6.17 Fit Associates, Hannah du Plessis, Pittsburgh TEDx, ’Three Skills for Transformation’, Link to event
15.6.17 STBY, Unusual Suspects Festival 2017, 'Walk the Talk: making cities more walkable', London, Link to event
16.6.17 Apogee, User Research London conference, Dan Szuc and Jo Wong, Link to event
16.6.17 STBY, User Research London conference, Bas Raijmakers ‘Love Local, Reach Global’, Link to event
18.8.17 STBY, Bas Raijmakers speaking at X Summit, Shanghai, Link to event
14.9.17 Fuelfor, XPA Barcelona (Patient Experience Congress), Barcelona, Link to event
19.9.17 STBY, Service Design Fringe Festival, ‘A Conversation with Pioneers on Global Design Research’, London, Link to event
22.9.17 STBY, ‘Where next for Humanitarian Innovation & Design?’ with RCA, London, Link to event
30.9.17 Somia CX, OpenGov Jam, Jakarta, Indonesia, Link to event
17.10.17 STBY, World Design Summit, 'Crafting Futures' presentation, Montreal, Link to event
22.10.17 Antropologerne, EPIC 2017 - Perspectives, Montreal, Link to event
26.10.17 Areedi, Uyai Umoren Effiong, Usable meetup, ‘How to Run a Successful Design Sprint’, Lagos, Link to event
28.10.17 Antropologerne, Why the World Needs Anthropologists: Powering the Planet, Durham, Link to event
28.10.17 Quicksand & STBY, MOZFEST Walkshop: Design Research for the Smart City, London, 1.00 pm, Link to event
2.11.17 STBY, Service Design Global Conference 2017, Madrid, Link to event
7.11.17 Matchboxology, USAID Gates Foundation, HCD UNCUT Conference, Berlin, Link to event
18.11.17 Quicksand & STBY, UnBox, 'Future of Human Ecologies', Bangalore, Link to event
13.12.17 STBY, Design For Peace Summit, London, UK, Link to event